My mom’s road to recovery

Hello WordPress.

Last week, I talked about visiting my mother. Now, I have some good news!

Last Sunday morning, I received a call from hospital telling me that they would transfer my mother from the Emergency Care Unit (ECU) to the General Ward in the afternoon. The nurse told us also that she can now eat solid food and stand at least for a while. Also, she is now able to sit down in a wheel chair.

I asked if I could visit her and they said yes but only in the hallway of the hospital while they are transferring her to the new ward. The timing was a bonus for me since I was actually planning to go home to Kobe in the afternoon. Because of COVID-19 protocol, we need a special permission for us to enter the ward. I just cannot visit my mother in the hospital on whim unless I am told by her doctor or a nursing staff to come.

So I visited her with my younger brother we were too excited we decided to be there at least one hour ahead of the scheduled transfer to her new ward! For us to be really early, I even borrowed my brother’s bicycle (he has two) and I cannot even remember when was the last time I rode a bike! But well it was all for my mother so either I stumble from my bicycle or do my best. When I rode the bike, I was like a drunk rider who cannot hold the bike handle well. But after a while, my muscle memory kicked in. I can still ride a bicycle!

So after that bike ride, a train ride, and a bus ride, both I and my brother arrived at the hospital during lunch break.

After an almost one hour wait in the lobby/hallway, we then saw the nurses from the general ward pushing the wheelchair for mom to use. We decided to give her iPhone back through the nurse so she can communicate with us her family so we brought it along with us. I and my brother met her at least for five minutes and was able to talk to her for a while. When she complained that her stomach was hurting, we decided to just let her rest and lie on her new hospital bed and took some pictures with her. Just imagine my brother and me with my backpack stuffed with one-week worth of clothing and necessities and my mother’s messy hair.

The timeline for my mother’s recovery is within two weeks. She already spent her sixth day last Sunday. The next step for her is to rehabilitate, walk and sit down by herself, and detox the poisonous toxins caused by the viral infection in her left kidney (medical term: pyelonephritis).

I appreciate all the well wishes and prayers for her.

So please keep on praying for her. šŸ™

A visit to the hospital

The doctor called us yesterday afternoon and told us good news. My mother regained consciousness though she had no memory of what had happened to her last Sunday. The doctor asked us if we could visit today and translate since they could not communicate well because of the language barrier. I did the interpreting since no one in my family could speak conversational Japanese. Even with the COVID-19 protocols of the hospital where you just cannot walk in anytime, I was fortunate to enter the room where my mother was staying.

My younger brother and I explained to her what had happened to her and what her current condition was. With an iPad, my siblings, my father, and her grandchildren were able to talk and see her at least virtually.

I noticed her weight loss, her eyes and skin were yellowish. It was discovered that she has diabetes. Aside from her left kidney ruptured with pus and blood clot, her liver too is in bad shape. In medical terms, her condition is called “sepsis”.

The doctor is not that sure whether my mother’s condition will continue to improve for the next two weeks.

I am just glad that during my visit, she was lucid and awake the whole time.

Please do pray for her. šŸ™

My mother’s condition

Last week, my mother complained about fatigue and dizziness and went to the hospital but she was only told to rest and drink electrolytes. She visited twice to theĀ hospital but maybe because of language barrier (Japanese),Ā the doctors weren’tĀ able to diagnose my mother’s condition. Yesterday, on a Sunday morning, it became more serious as my mother needed to be rushedĀ to the Emergency Room through an ambulance because she became unconscious and had difficulty breathing. She took the COVID-19 PCR test and theĀ result was negative. After a CT Scan, it turned out she had an infection on her left kidney. Currently, my mom is now conscious but in the Emergency Care Unit (ECU). Today, on her second day in the hospital, the doctor told that her condition is worsening and the antibiotics were not that effective so this afternoon, they tried removing the pus and the blot clot by inserting and cleaning through a non-invasive tube. It didn’t totally remove all the pus and the blood clot so they are just leaving the apparatus as is and see if it will improve. If there see no improvement, the doctors might do an operation and remove the left kidney.

We are hoping that she will still recover.

Please pray for her.