Imagine life without computers and internet

Imagine life without computers and internet.

Imagine life without access to the internet… no surfing, no e-mails, no search engines, social networking sites, no applications, online games, no MMORPG, no chat rooms, file-sharing sites, no blogging, no video streaming, no online banking…

Just for a day, imagine life without computers and internet.

Will you last for a day? Yes, you will. How about a week? Probably. A month? Hardly.

How about a year without computers and internet? Ask yourself.

As a student, will you rely your research on books and library? Without search engines, web articles, and online encyclopedias?

Would you write your assignments and research using a pen and paper. How about using a typewriter?

A lot of scenarios we can bring. A lot of possibilities would enter your mind if you just imagine your life without it.

Computers. It makes a lot of tasks easier and it saves our time. And maybe because of this, we become more dependent of the benefits that it brings. And its partner, internet.

And now, who could live without computers and internet? Now, tell me.

Well, the good thing I didn’t include life without mobile phones, telephones, radio, and television. My mind would be blown more if I expand this topic.

Thanks for those who invented the computer, internet, and the world-wide web. I really appreciate its creation.

14 thoughts on “Imagine life without computers and internet

  1. So true Allen. I’m 28, I spent most of my teen years without all the above gadgets and technology pieces you mentioned and trust me things were rather easy 😛

    But if you ask me today ok, about an hour without all these..I for sure would panic 🙂

  2. Hey Allen! First, thank you for liking my post “TNP – Day 50: Tunay o Pekeng Kaibigan?” and following

    I genuinely love this post of yours because I’m one of the billions of people who benefit from the invention of computers and the internet. In fact, I wrote two-related posts on this topic:

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