Blogging Goals for 2011: March Edition

On my first post last January 7,  I made a checklist about my blogging goals for this year:

January 2011 Goals

I clearly violated my 3rd goal of finishing my drafts because of leaving a lot of them last month.I think these are the reasons why I suddenly stopped and what should be done to keep me back on my writing momentum:

My mistakes and what should be done

Lack of focus Focus on writing

Too much distractions Set aside distractions

Multitasking No multitasking

Not finishing my drafts Finish my drafts

I reckon I need to practice a lot of paradoxical intentions. Looking back, I think I need to add more items for my blogging checklist for this month. And because I’m working 5 days a week, I need to adjust the goals according to my free time:

March 2011 Goals

1. Write one post a week at most and at least one post a month.

2. Write about a particular theme or category every month (e.g. book review, writing, etc)

3. Practice freewriting for ten minutes at least twice a week.

Pondering about what happened for the past two months, I think I should be more confident of my next posts. My drafts are practice entries but I should compromise more on posting them regularly. Now I’m back on track with my blogging journey.

On my first post last January 7, I made a checklist about my blogging goals for this year. I think I need to put check marks on my checklist: 

þ 1. Every month, I’ll try to post at least one entry.

þ 2. I will try to write for a minimum of 100 words and a maximum of 500 words for every post.

ý 3. I will finish every draft that I start writing.

Last February, I have written an article about

Now, I need to add more items for my blogging checklist for this month.

4 thoughts on “Blogging Goals for 2011: March Edition

  1. Hey Allen…goos to see ur post [ Finally 🙂 ]

    Don’t put too much pressure on urself Bro…I had started blogging in 2009..In the first 2 years i guess I wrote about 40 posts…now in Last 2 months I have written about 80 posts…I’m sure ur time will come when u wud get into ur groove…now it is so effortless…no planning is required..jus daily observations cant be turned into a post..

    I have no suggestions for you [ Rather, I wouldn’t do that at all ]…you will figure out ur way…I took 2 years 🙂 so dun worry u are alone…Cheer up

    Will look for ur posts..

    Allen: Thanks! It took me a month to follow up a new post… Finally 😀

    I think I really have to figure it out myself. Just like my post last Feb, I think I need to just write a lot until it becomes a habit.

    Thanks for sharing your blogging experience. 😀

  2. aliw naman at may ganito pa. talagang goal-oriented, ahaha. sabagay, may times na maraming ideas at merong parang walang maisip, ano? ^^

    hmmn… what i do, lapis pa rin usually ang gamit ko sa pagsusulat. i write it down muna, kahit saka na i-type and i-edit. that way, pag may idea, di agad nakakalipad. mabilis lang ako usually magsulat (dahil sanay na, haha). usually, 3, 5 and 7 minutes, tapos na.

    pero mabagal ako sa typing, hihi. at mas matagal sa editing, fact-checking and finding pics, haha. something i wrote for five mins may take 5 hours of editing. mga three sittings, bago matapos. yown…

    have a happy weekend ahead! regards… 🙂

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