The Youtube Experience

Lately, I’ve been busy jamming with my friend Tsong Oslek to spend my spare time. Using classical guitar and keyboards as our musical accompaniments, we try to search for our next song to perform.

Our genre? Alternative rock, acoustic, Original Pilipino Music (OPM).

And to justify our hobby, I bought a cheap digital camera so that we can now upgrade from using VGA quality cameras from our web-cameras and mobile phones. And take note, the camera I bought was not for the purpose of getting pictures, but for taking videos. Here’s a sample video upload to my friend’s youtube channel:

No original compositions, all cover versions. Any song requests? We’ll try to make some.

Hoping to get more hits!

Follow my channel here.

6 thoughts on “The Youtube Experience

  1. Cool man. I remember watching on Discovery Channel how music is such an integral part of filipino culture. Though, I’m personally not a music lover, I appreciate art and artists. Will look forward to more of your musical ventures.

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