What would you do if you encounter a stranger doing this kind of stuff?

Imagine on a public transport vehicle, especially during the rush hours, you notice a stranger lecturing about some random stuff as you step inside.

Here, one passenger tried to capture his experience with this stranger using the camera of his mobile phone. That passenger posted it on Facebook and someone grabbed it, added some subtitles, and posted it on YouTube.

Notice in the video that this man is kinda isolated and  no one is sitting beside him.

Just in case you encounter someone like this on a public transpo, what will you do?

I’ll give you some sample choices:

A. Seat beside him and try to talk with him

B. Look for the security guards and report him

C. Stay far away from him so that you won’t hear him

D. Distance yourself a little and listen to him

E. Just ignore him

As of this moment, the video has 58,000 views. I think this man is under the influence of drugs or he has a script and he has some associates just to make this video. But whatever the real situation is, it’s still interesting.


One thought on “What would you do if you encounter a stranger doing this kind of stuff?

  1. I will go with option C. How about you?

    Allen: I might combine options D and E. I’ll distance myself far enough so that I could listen but pretending that I’m ignoring him. If he becomes harmful, option B or C would be my choice.

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