Goodbye PostAWeek2011 challenge

It’s been a while since I started blogging here. And I need to thank the Daily Post project for giving me the encouragement to start this blog and for making it possible to survive here.

The Daily Post really helped me a lot in creating new ideas, though most of them still remain on my drafts.  I don’t really follow all the topic suggestions, but I still get some inspiration from those.

Last January, from my original goal of Post-A-Month, I was influenced by the new program of  WordPress to make me consider the Post-A-Week challenge.

As I need to move from a new location for some personal reason, I would be offline for a long time. Without a desktop and internet connection, I know I’ll show some withdrawal symptoms there in my new place.

My blogging experience here is worth keeping. And because of the new habit I made, I’m thinking of an alternate way of blogging. I might consider using a mobile phone as an alternate or even try to write in a paper first and then transfer it when I have time to borrow or rent a computer.

Thanks to the Daily Post team. 😀

I'll be joining the Marist Brothers

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