A New Social Networking Site: Welcome to the Google+ project

From Friendster to Facebook… and now Google Plus!

After learning from that Google is launching a new social networking site, I was curious and wanted to try the new features of it. Too bad I was not able to join now because they are still in what they call a field trial period, they are using the invitation-only approach to limited users. So I decided to take a tour to see what’s new. They highlighted 5 features with my own description namely:

  1. Circles – An ergonomically friendly way to sort your contacts into specific groups. Just drag and drop them to the circles.
  2. Hangouts  – A video conference which is good for those who have a fast internet connection.
  3. Instant Upload  – Good for you if you have an Android Phone. It uploads instantly as the name says.
  4. Sparks – Its like googling your interests
  5. Huddle – A conference without video.

So after the tour, I just left my e-mail address there so they could update me once they are open. If you’re curious, try to take a tour and even keep posted on updates from Google+.

A new Facebook?

Some lucky users are able to see the interface of Google Plus. I read somewhere that they dub it as a New Facebook. I don’t have a screenshot to prove that though I wanna see if it really looked like Facebook. But as a start, I think that would be okay for now since they are still on beta phase.

News from Friendster

Also, Friendster sent an e-mail to Friendster users (including me though inactive) containing A Personal Message from Friendster’s CEO saying that they are re-launching into a social gaming portal and claiming that Friendster “pioneered social networking and ignited the social media industry“.

I think Friendster should have launched this gaming project a couple of years back (maybe 2009) before Facebook dominated the social networking market with the help from the games of Zynga, the creator of Farmville and Cityville.

The future of Social Networking Sites

With the decline of Friendster, the domination of Facebook and now with the rise of the new Google Plus, I’m curious with the future of these social networking sites.

Will Friendster gain success as a gaming portal? Will Facebook lose to their new rival? And with the innovating capability of Google, will Google Plus dominate? Or will Facebook and Google+ just co-exist? Just like Coke and Pepsi? Lots can happen in the future.

PS: Weird! I’m writing this while listening to the Nyan Cat.

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