Why Some Languages Sound So Fast

“A dense language will make use of fewer speech chunks than a sparser language for a given amount of semantic information.” In other words, your ears aren’t deceiving you: Spaniards really do sprint and Chinese really do stroll, but they will tell you the same story in the same span of time.

via Why Some Languages Sound So Fast – TIME

4 thoughts on “Why Some Languages Sound So Fast

  1. I like the sound of most languages that I hear, except for two that I think sound really awful. It’s just my opinion, though… They are Thai and Vietnamese. Just the sound, nothing personal, and I think French sounds the best. I have no idea if it’s fast or dragging.

    Cheers from California.

      • Ilongo… that was my Grandpa’s language, according to my mother. I wonder though how Tagalog sounds to non Filipinos. My sister and i sometimes speak Tagalog even in her boyfriend’s presence ( he’s a white American ) but I have not really asked him …. maybe i will one of these days.

        • In a third person’s perspective, Tagalog sounds like a mix between Spanish and Polynesian. Non-Filipinos really sound amusing when they try to sing OPM (Original Pilipino Music) songs. Let me share: one tried to sing Buloy by Parokya ni Edgar here. and Sana’y Maulit Muli by Gary Valenciano here.

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