Panyo: Something that I always bring on a trip

Now, since it’s still 28 days away from the NaNoWriMo challenge, I’ll do a warm-up blogging for this month of October with the help of NaBloPoMo.It’s an alternate for the NaNoWriMo since the novel writing challenge is just yearly and the NaBloPoMo runs every month, from Monday to Friday. It’s like The Daily Post but with a two-day rest every week and a monthly theme.The theme for October is BETWEEN.

Today’s writing prompt for Monday, October 3, 2011, the first prompt of the month, asks me to write about this:

What is something you always pack on a trip?

So… the trips where I usually go are to work, school, and the house of a friend. And thinking about it, the most necessary things that I bring (not necessarily packed) is my coin purse and my panyo (Tagalog term for “handkerchief”). To determine what’s the most necessary thing to bring (or pack) is to think of the trip that brings me to the most proximate place from my house. If I’m just off to a house of my high school friend, I don’t have the need to pack things and I would just bring my hanky and coin purse. I bring the necessary things. So it’s money and hanky. I never leave our house or dormitory without a hanky. It doesn’t matter if it’s linen or a bandana for as long as it’s a hanky. Because my panyo serves as my personal security blanket, I always bring it everything I move away from our house or dormitory.

Panyo via Wikimedia

3 thoughts on “Panyo: Something that I always bring on a trip

  1. Hello, there !

    Guys seem to hold on to their handkerchiefs. I know my father does not leave the house without that in his pocket. I, however , have never seen a girl with a handkerchief in her possession. I don’t have one. I am never without a packet of tissue paper in my purse though. I wish women would go back to using handkerchiefs again.

    Cheers to you !

    • In my family, I know I’m the only one who never leaves the house without a hanky. When I was still in Manila, when my set of handkerchiefs are all in the laundry, I would sneak and get a hanky from my sisters. I don’t mind even if I got a floral-designed one. Haha! 😀

      I just get the flowery one if that’s the only stocks left on their drawers. I always pick the plain hanky though. Just like what I’ve said here in the post, it’s like a security blanket for me. 🙂

      • Cheers allen! Why? Because we’re the same about this hanky-thing! ^_^
        I never leave the house without taking one with me, especially since it’s my only protection to block smokes coming from a vehicle’s butt! Ah, really, bringing “panyo” with me wherever I go is something I will never stop doing.

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