How writing ideas eludes you

CIMG1836 by allenjambalaya
CIMG1836, a photo by allenjambalaya on Flickr.

I just come across again to what I call a tantalizing writing experience. And how writing ideas eludes my consciousness? It’s when you’re not conscious, ideas suddenly just pops up.

Well, I just went to the comfort room (our preferred term of rest room), a lot of thoughts just popped on me suddenly. And when I came back in front of the desktop computer to type it, the thoughts eventually faded away from my consciousness. Wow! I should have recorded my voice while talking to myself with those ideas or grabbed my cellphone since I brought it with me on the comfort room. Just in case you’re wondering why I have a phone with me in hand, it’s because I prefer to walk in the dormitory just using the flashlight of my cellphone and not turn on the lights which bothers those already sleeping. Going back, random thoughts would just sometimes tease me and enter my mind on unexpected moments. Aside from the bathroom, you can also experience this while walking, running, riding a public transportation vehicle, eating, etc. You can add up many non-writing activities which requires just your empty mind.

Well, I have some time to spare on writing now(or ranting for the exact term) so please bear with me. Thanks for reading.

P.S.: This was originally written in my other blog, the novel writing month. I used Flickr to share the picture and to make the posting quicker. Little did I know, that like QuickPress, it’s attached to the primary blog.

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