My reaction to NASA’s claim that we might be all aliens

When I heard about the discovery of meteorites having DNA building blocks, I thought that those same kinds of space rocks might have triggered life here on earth. But I never thought that we might be aliens of our own planet. Not really a long time ago, I heard my older brother saying that there is a theory saying that we might be all aliens living here in this planet. When I heard that, I didn’t feel shocked but had this certain level of “Wow!” since I’m more interested with the idea of aliens more than the creepy concept of zombies. I’m even more concerned of the threat of alien invasion than the zombie apocalypse ending the life here on earth.

Image of an alien from the film

When I was still a kid, I imagined aliens as creatures almost akin to humans except that their heads are bigger and their skins are different from us human beings. Maybe my concept of aliens was imprinted to my consciousness because of the depiction of the film Mars Attacks! that I watched way back year 1997. I’m even surprised that the director behind Tim Burton directed this film since I don’t have yet this kind of regard towards directors before when I was a young kid. This claim that we are all aliens is just a theory for now. But I’m really buying it.

What’s your reaction when NASA said that me might be all aliens?


One thought on “My reaction to NASA’s claim that we might be all aliens

  1. In this vast universe, the probability of that being true is even beyond a human’s comprehension. Even if we weren’t aliens, even if we evolved here on this planet, the probability of something like that happening somewhere in the universe is also beyond comprehension.

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