Why Allen Jambalaya?

My blog is in a state of inertia

I can’t think of anything worth posting these past months. In my every blog, what I’m after is the quality of the post no matter if it’s just a short post or a Quick Press. My WordPress blog is already one-year-old but I didn’t celebrated. So to make fun of myself, I’ll just have an imaginary interview about my blog?

Imaginary Interview

Q: Your blog’s name is quite weird. Why did you choose Allen Jambalaya?

A: It’s my alias. An amalgam of my two nicknames. Jambalaya means ham rice. I find the word jambalaya as cool since whenever I use it during group text messages, especially during breakfast, the usual reply I get is: “What’s a jambalaya?”

For me, I define it differently. When you dissect it literally using English and Tagalog, it may mean music and freedom. I use allenjambalaya as my Universal I.D. here in the web. In YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

To be continued…

5 thoughts on “Why Allen Jambalaya?

  1. i went through something similar, and here’s what happened to me. this may sound negative, but i started to think about things that bothered and annoyed me. i would formulate an opinion on certain topics, make a short outline to be sure i’ve thought it out and planned it, typed it in word, and then posted it. after a while, i realized that each post looked better if i could find a picture to begin with.

    after a while, i also looked for good things to express so i wasn’t just “ranting” all the time. people don’t just want to hear about complaints – unless they have the same complaints. however, complaints are a good way to get started, to build a habit of writing more regularly.

    i read/watched the news, paid attention to the world, and again formulated opinions, and that kept my writing habit going.

    as for others, i’ve noticed that many bloggers have a specific theme to all of their posts. photography, or food, or parenting, or “how to” ideas. that’s not really me. i’m more about telling people what i think and why and why they should agree with me.

    give that a try and see if it helps build a better habit. don’t be afraid to write about work – but make sure you don’t mention any specific people or the name of the company!

  2. also, you don’t have to write long posts. some of my posts are only about 80 words. just have something to express and have reasoning behind it.

    don’t just say (an example, not necessarily my opinion) “lady gaga sucks.” instead, say that if lady gaga really had talent, she would use her real name and drop the outrageous costumes. say she’s using those props to draw attention because her talent alone is not enough. say that someone like taylor swift proves she’s got more talent because she’s just plain singing. swift is a “talent.” gaga is a “show.” big difference.

    Allen: That reminded me of not writing beyond 500 words per post. But that doesn’t mean I could write less. So my resolution is to just keep on writing. My only problem now is to how I could express my thoughts clearly in English since it’s just my second language.

    The example you had given made me think of writing constructive criticisms. Again, thanks!

  3. I haven’t found my blogging forte yet. I mean the specific genre that I’m supposed to write. But your advice made me think that I must not limit my writing. It’s a challenge for me since I always withhold a lot of things that I wanna say. I really appreciated your advice. Thanks!

    • exactly. the only reason i started blogging – 6 years ago – was because i thought it would help me to write something every day. the more i wrote on my blog, the more i got into the idea of commentary and thoughts and random expressions about almost anything. that gave me the idea that there is nothing wrong with random thoughts and expressions. and then i got upset and bothered that nobody and nobody was reading my blog. but maybe that was my own fault.

      then i realized what was needed – i needed to read other blogs. i needed to make comments and give praise and i needed to start “following” other blogs. i learned that would guide people to read my blog more. the blog world is filled with people who are willing to help you if you are willing to help them. i learned that i had to read, follow, and comment on other blogs, and then those people would return the favor. and then i learned that would be helpful.

      give it a shot. read other blogs. make polite comments. and write something that shows that you’re smart, that you have an opinion, that you are willing to take a risk and express yourself. but make sure to be polite.

      Allen: I try to comment when I have free time to read other blogs. Not really for the traffic but to initiate a good discussion among other bloggers. Again, thanks.

  4. Hello. Allen Jambalaya ! jambalaya over here is a kind of dish ? A new Orleans rice dish. My mother just cooked a jambalaya rice last week.

    I don’t know, but I just write down anything that comes to mind. You, of course , know that, right ? Ha ha ha I have the most disorganized blog on the planet, I’m sure… but you know what? I don’t care.

    Cheers !

    Allen: It’s fine that way. free-writing blogging is your signature. All of your posts makes sense anyway. Just keep on writing. 🙂

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