My dream log

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I’m keeping a dream log at Blogger. The number of posts I have there depends on the following:

  1. Frequency of the dreams that I can recall.
  2. Musings about dreams

On reading my dream log, be warned that it’s written in Tagalog. But the good thing is that there is Google Translate. I also read the translation it does since it’s not accurate and it primes me to edit my post to suit with the correct meaning. It gives me another perspective with my writing. But now, I cannot really accept the translation’s inaccuracy that’s why I gave up editing my latest post.

If you want, you can check out my dream log here and translate it using Google Translate. Be warned that it’s inaccurate.

Make your own dream log

Now, I challenge you to create your own dream log as well. Why? I’ll give you two reasons:

  1. If you are trying to lucid dreams, it’s really a must for you.
  2. You can write a story based on the dreams you’ve captured.

I can give you more reasons but I think that’s enough motivation for you to create one now. And to those who are already maintaining their dream log, how is it going now?

5 thoughts on “My dream log

  1. If it’s dream, as in dream, then , I’m out of luck. I don’t remember any of my dreams….. very seldom , anyway…… but if it’;s about another kind of dream… that one…. I have tons. ^__^

    Allen: I haven’t thought yet of making another dream log, that is the aspirational non-sleep related dream. Thanks! You’ve given me an idea of starting another dream log.

      • what’s tagalog?

        also, if you’re into writing stories, you may have just come up with a good one. someone starts a dream log. after a while, they start to see patterns. elements in dreams pop up in their real life, and the other way around. the character starts to see patterns, such as when and where things are going to happen. they go there and see it happen, as it was in the dream. sometimes it’s different. they meet someone in the dream, then see the person in real life. see the person too often, as if that person is following them, but then runs away when the dreamer sees them. the dreamer starts to experiment. going to bed for example holding a certain object, the object appears in the dream. it expands. in the dream he suffers an injury, wakes up bleeding. then starts to be unsure which is a dream and which is not. he tests that by trying to do things like walking up the side of a building. it works, so it must be the dreamstate. but then things go wrong. in the dream he accidentally breaks a law, hurts someone, and the police come looking for him in reality.

        just rambling with possibilities. you can take it and do what you’d like, or just let it go. have a fun day.

        Allen: Tagalog is our de facto language here in our country. I haven’t thought yet of making my dreams as my leads in making stories. I might try out creating short stories from them. Thanks for the suggestion.

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