The hassle school days are coming

My almost weightless eleven units academic load will keep me busy now because of the Examination week and University week.

Self-Banned Websites

To be focused with the upcoming exams, I’m imposing a self-rule of NO ACCESS to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. But since I love WordPress, it’s exempted from the list of self-banned websites.

The University Week

The University Week follows after the exams. Last semester, I represented our department in the chess event and I won first runner-up. But now, it’s a shame that I can’t represent the same event since chess was removed from the sports event. But as a substitute, Pinoy games were added. That means I’ll be playing sungka just for the kicks (no kidding).

Recently, our department officers have successfully prompted me to compete in the Impromptu Speech in Filipino. Hope they won’t be disappointed with my unpredictable performance just because I’m a native Tagalog speaker.

Due to the hassles that these days will bring, that means less time for blogwalking and mindless surfing.


One thought on “The hassle school days are coming

  1. Congratulations ! I can tell from your writings that you are a school leader. Where do you go to school?

    Allen: I’m not really a school leader. But your impression flatters me. Hehe! I already graduated in college but I’m required to go back to school again here at Notre Dame. That makes me a schoolmate of Pacquiao. 🙂

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