Great ideas come unexpectedly

I’ve thought of writing this while I was sweeping the floor. From this chore, I realized that cool ideas come when I’m not really conscious of creating them.

Like how throwing crumpled papers in a trash can can turn into a beautiful sport called basketball. It’s the same with the moment when Archimedes shouted “Eureka!” because he had thought of the law of buoyancy while taking a bath.

My “Eureka” moment

To be honest, I’m a frustrated songwriter. I’ve tried writing songs many times before but I’ve only created three songs and two of them are incomplete.

But last year, I’ve made a simple tune using tongue twisters as lyrics. It’s just a simple tune but at least it’s a finished song. I found it funny because it happened while I was taking a shower. Now, I realized that singing while taking a bath can help me hone my creativity.

When a creative idea comes, it really hits you unexpectedly. My own experience is not really a great example but the idea of eureka moment is the same. Ideas catch you off guard.

Most of the time, they spring from mundane tasks. They might pop up while you’re riding in a public transportation vehicle, while walking, while ironing your clothes, while taking a bath, and while sweeping the floor.

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