Photo by Andrew Gombert/European Pressphoto Agency via NYTimes

Yesterday, I got surprised upon seeing an Asian basketball player who is not Yao Ming in the newspaper sports section. I thought it was Yi Jianlian but I was wrong.

A long time ago, I’ve seen an article in before that there’s a promising point guard, a straight A student from Harvard, entering the NBA. But it took years for Jeremy Lin to get his deserved attention from the NBA.

How good is he? He scored 20+ points in three straight games, even scoring 38 points against Kobe and the Lakers team. It’s like someone has created a player in NBA 2K12 game.

Still not convinced? You might want to check this article from NY Times here.

I’m just surprised from his sudden stardom.

4 thoughts on “Linsanity

  1. Watched the game yesterday…. He was a star Harvard player, but since he came from Harvard, which is not exactly a very enticing place to look for “athletes”, they snubbed him.

    Now, Harvard would be a haven for NBA scouts, I bet.

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