Children’s idea of fun today

This semester, I’m currently assigned to a class in the 5th year level but as a requirement for our 7th activity sheet of our Field Study class, I needed to go back to the 1st grade class that I’ve observed last semester.

Comparing both these classes in terms of the children’s behavior, I noticed that the lower the year level that a teacher handles, the harder it is to keep up proper class management. Applying Piaget’s theory of cognitive development, they differ a lot because the grade one students are in the Preoperational Stage while the grade five pupils are already under the Formal Operational Stage.

Due to the grade one pupils’ active and playful nature, it will be harder for a teacher to handle them compared to the grade five students. But despite of the hardships that a teacher encounters in disciplining these kids, I think it’s a fun experience since the teacher is teaching with simple-minded learners whose main priority in life is to play. Going back with my observation experience with the grade one class last semester, I scribbled a lot in my notebook because of a thousand flashbacks about my childhood memories. Whenever I do that, there’s a bittersweet bouts of nostalgia sinking in me when I recall the days of my schooling in elementary, which was more than a decade ago.

Tumbang Preso

As a kid in the late 90s, I noticed that the idea of fun in these times changed a lot. Children today are enjoying a lot in playing with a lot of electronic gadgets now compared from what we had before when we just have limited choices with our toys and gadgets such as Game Boy and Family Computer consoles. Also, computers before are not as famous as compared today. During the late 90s, our play time is usually spent in outdoors since we play tag, hide-and-seek, patintero, tumbang preso, teks (trading cards), and a lot more.

Today, these games are less likely played now considering technology’s influence today. Children’s idea of fun this 2012 will be totally different from the children’s idea of fun in 2022. It reminds me that the only constant in this world is change and that is okay. I believe that the thing that wouldn’t change is that children will always find time to play.


5 thoughts on “Children’s idea of fun today

  1. I question the difference between ‘Play” and “amusement.” One takes imagination and creativity, while the other requires a battery. Hmmm. Thanks for this take on “today’s kids.” All the best, Barb

  2. I played a lot as a kid, now… not so much.
    Too much blogging, helping people out with my blog. But I still put the time away for a good old game of noughts and crosses, or hopskotch. 🙂

  3. Hey noticed you liked one of my posts the other day so thought i’d come and see what you got going on and this is the first post I read. I love posts like this because it forces us to think, it truly was a time of playing outside and actually interacting, and now everything is technology based. I heard something the other day ‘I wonder what it would of been like if the text message had come before the mobile phone’.. so true, if that was the case would we call rather than text? rather than it be how it is. I know i deviated from your subject a little there but thought it was related sort of. Anyways nice post, cheers.


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