Describing my Family in One Word

How would I describe my family in ONE word?


That’s with a question mark. I’m currently far away from home. And why I am away from home is another story.

2004—The year when I attended a recollection for two days. I had a confession with a foreign priest and told him about my family and how I became injured. This was the time when I’m recuperating from a fracture on my left arm. The priest told me his experience that he also had a fracture when he was still younger that he got from a friendly football game. So we share something in common. I don’t know how but our conversation shifted from my fracture to my family life. This sudden shift of topic made me feel that I’m not having a confession with a priest. It’s like I’m just having a friendly talk with a friend.

So from discussing about my fiberglass arm-cast, I told him that I come from a big family. I have four siblings and I’m the middle child. One even told me that I am the middle finger but I didn’t tell that to the priest. It’s inappropriate. I shared my troubles regarding my rebellious attitude towards my parents and my conflicts with my siblings.

He told me that a big family is a happy family. Until now, I still admire the wisdom that the priest imparted me. During that recollection, I realized that I can cease my friendship with my friends outside the family but I can never change the fact that I am related by blood with my family. Maybe that’s the meaning of the saying that blood is thicker than water.

Right now, I can’t help but to laugh at my puberty and early adolescence issues with my family. Right now, I enjoy a very close relationship with my parents compared before. I think it’s time to make an effort to establish a closer relationship with my four siblings. Three of them are currently working now and here I am, spending my time in a religious formation.

Now, how would I describe my family in ONE word?

Happy? Indeed, it is. But I wish I’m with them now.

P.S.: HT to Addie for influencing me to answer Thought Questions.

5 thoughts on “Describing my Family in One Word

  1. I never write about my family in my blog, maybe just a few hints and whatnots but its one topic that I shy away from. I, too, come from a big family. However I was raised by my grandparents as a unica hija. So I got a taste of both sides. Things are not always happy, of course. We all know that. Whose family don’t have cracks?

    I’m glad I got you lured into answering TQs. I adore that site.

    • Writing about our family is liberating. You know yourself better if you look back where you came from. I was required to bring up an issue about my family in a counseling session back in college. After doing that, I became more open about my family.

      Now, I’m thinking why am I not close with my grandparents. Maybe it’s the physical distance I think. The more you spend time with them, the more closer the relationship you have with them.

      TQ is interesting. They have good writing prompts. Perfect for writing essay-style blog posts.

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