Bantay: Our protective dog

My cousins and my siblings play with Bantay whenever they see him. Every time I go home from my Kindergarten classes, I would also go to the house of Bantay and cuddle him. Bantay is the source of joy in our family.

One morning, before going to class, I saw a marching group of men wearing green uniform. “Sino po sila?”, I asked my parents but they didn’t answer me. I think it has something to do with the piece of paper they received the last week. I heard it was a notice.

When the men in green approached our lot, my mother took my hands and dragged me away from them. I couldn’t fully comprehend yet with what’s happening at that time. Bantay, acting like he understands the situation, suddenly went out of his house and attacked the man in the middle and bit his leg. Later, I heard the sound of a gun.

Grandmother grabbed a brick with her frail hands but auntie grabbed her arms before she could even hurl it to the demolition team.

“Do your best at school”, my mother told me. I nod to her in reply.

I’m pretty sure that day was my first absence at school. More importantly, I wouldn’t be able to play with Bantay ever again.

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24 thoughts on “Bantay: Our protective dog

    • Read your entry. I find it funny. It seems the owner doesn’t like cats and dogs combined. That means trouble if that happens. No wonder why heavy raining is synonymous to cats and dogs. Thanks for dropping by.

  1. hello, allen,

    ‘yong sa amin noon, he was taken away kasi, nanginain ng mais sa katabing bukid (harvest season noon). wala rin kaming nagawa. maraming taon pagkatapos na hindi muna kami nag-alaga ng dog. ayon…

    well, Bantay was just living up to his name, doing what he knew best…^^ pag ang alaga ang nawawala, para ring taong nawala ang pakiramdam natin… regards and cheers. 🙂

    • Oo nga e. Parang tao rin ang aso, kapag nawala nakakamiss. May naalala tuloy ako. May aso kami dito sa kumbento, sa loob ng school campus. Actually, tuta siya na malaki. Di namin alam ang breed. Parang ala-Snoopy yung lahi. Ayaw niya ata ng may kumukulit sa kanya na strangers kaya nakakagat siya ng mga batang lumapit sa kanya. Dalawang beses na nangyari yun kaya pinaalis na lang rin namin para di na magreklamo ang mga parents at school physician ng estudyante. Salamat SSA!

      • hello, allen,

        oo, malungkot… may dog kaming namatay last year. mahigit 4 years na naming alaga – Shit Tzu na makulit. dalawang buwan ata akong down pagkawala nya. miss pa namin sya hanggang ngayon. ayon… regards! 🙂

    • Aw. I visited your site. The story is brutal but I enjoyed it. Human sometimes are no less than dogs in terms of irrational thinking and choice of actions. It could have been prevented if the cow just listened. Thanks for visiting.

  2. What a rich glimpse into a life so different from my own. Even though your story was sad, I still appreciated hearing it. No need to aim for happy or sad unless it’s what you’re wanting to write, just write.

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