The Spider Hunt

In the boondocks, Matias and Masoy went to the woods to hunt for spiders. It’s still dawn when they pedaled through the foggy road of the bushy hill. Matias grabbed his improvised spider stable from his pocket before parking the pedicab beside the mango tree.

It was a heart-stopping scene to see the mango tree without the pedicab.

Hala, patay tayo. Ninakaw ang pedicab. (Oh no, we’re in trouble. Someone has stolen our pedicab.)”

Patay tayo kay Tatay nyan (Father will beat us to death).”

Masoy was already in tears when Matias noticed something amusing. He saw something familiar with the Yuletide season.

Uy, reindeer oh.”

They burst into laughter.

25 thoughts on “The Spider Hunt

  1. So like us to find light in the darkness and reindeer where we hoped to find spiders. This was a fine story with a regional flair that the language accentuated and complemented. Good job.



    • “So like us to find light in the darkness and reindeer where we hoped to find spiders.” – Wow! I find that poetic.

      Well, I just written what should I have said in our vernacular if I were in the children’s situation but I didn’t know that it can also be an additional flavor to the story. I think I’ll do that in my future Friday Fiction entries. Thanks Doug.

  2. So I want to know what they will do with the spiders… big ones, like tarantulas to keep for pets? I loved the local flavor of your story!

    • It’s a sure money for the captors. But tarantulas are too big for a spider fight. It’s opponent might run away. But I know some keep it as a pet in mini aquariums. Thanks for visiting.

    • A pedicab-riding reindeer; that’s amazing! Your interpretation of my story is even more hilarious than the story itself. I haven’t thought about that. Thanks for dropping by Charles.

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