Cluttered Blogs

Most of the blogs I see on Blogger are eye-sores. Sorry for the term but that’s what really what I honestly think of them. Why? Here’s a list of what I don’t like about those blogs I’m pertaining:

  1. Ads – I know that Google has a superior way of profiting by AdSense (even I joined forces with the profit system bandwagon) but I think a lot of bloggers their allow the ads to destroy their blog’s appearance when misplaced and cluttered. A lot of Blogspot sites have misplaced ads, which reminds me that sometimes (or rarely), I visit blogs that has a background music playing (and I’m annoyed when I hear them).
  2. I can’t Blog-Walk – on Blogger like I do here in WordPress. And there’s one good reason why—they are too cluttered. Try to blog-walk at any Blogspot sites and you’ll know what I’m referring to.
  3. No Threaded Comments – Blogger is already offering this option but some bloggers (if not all), don’t activate this. But maybe they aren’t aware that they need to activate threaded commenting. I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt.

I could name a lot more things I dislike but this post would become a nonsensical rant if I did that (e.g. like saying I don’t like a person just because his/her shoes isn’t appealing). I think they need a critic like me (really??). They need some good criticisms (constructive and not destructive).

I want to read their stories but they need to fix their blogs first by looking presentable. Don’t worry about the content. Just keep on blogging. But please make your blogs more presentable first.


8 thoughts on “Cluttered Blogs

    • There’s always room for improvement. Most blogs that have their own domain names looks good. I like blogs without the ads. 250 words is already equivalent to one page. And for first time visitors (who are blog-walking and just came out of nowhere), 250-words post is a lot for them to read. For me, the simpler the design, the better.

  1. One of the things I do not like in blogger (and I’ve seen one in WordPress too) is the Feedjit, where the visitor’s (in this case, mine) OS, IP address, and location is pin-pointed. It’s okay if it’s just the country. But to pin-point even the IP address and the town is another story.

    • Hello Cess,

      I’m guilty of using Feedjit (free-trial version) in my blogspot. I know they record the town but that’s the first time I heard of collecting IP address. Visitors who uses broadband connection have no problem with that because they change easily and sometimes share IP with others. But for those who uses DSL (or even dial-up), that’s an issue.

      • I have a selfish reason why I do not like Feedjit – among my friends, I’m the only one from the West Coast (specifically the city,state where I’m in). So whenever I try to access their blogs (which is “always” or “several times per day), they automatically know it’s me. I can’t deny being busy tuloy. And I don’t want them to feel as if I’m stalking their every blog post (because the truth is I AM waiting for their posts. Hehe).

        • And Feedjit records every single visit you make. Now I know why. Hehe. I’m also annoyed by Feedjit in my blogspot (and I’m the one who installed it) because I’m the only one who visit my site frequently. Hehe

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