The Great Rain

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In a tropic, it’s weird not to experience rain.

For the past months, it hasn’t rained that much.

The nature is catching up with its delayed schedule, I thought.


It’s Saturday and it’s raining really hard.

Even if it’s still morning, I decided to go back to bed.

Electricity is out, what else can I do?

I decided to spend my day snoring.

Then I woke up in the evening.

I’m surprised it’s still pouring.

Even without the radio, I can tell it’s a storm.

It rained like it poured for one month without ceasing.

Then the river overflowed.

The Great Rain poured.

It unleashed its Wrath upon us.


P.S.: Read Madison Woods’ Contemplative – a poem. She belongs to a group called Friday Fictioneers, who writes 100-words Flash Fiction every Friday.

8 thoughts on “The Great Rain

  1. Sometimes it rains like that at my house. It feels like the rain will never end, and then the creeks are so high I’m flooded in for days at a time. I don’t mind being flooded *in*, but I hate to be caught out and be unable to get home.

    • Being flooded in for days? I never experienced that. How do you cope with that? I know a few places here in our country being flooded constantly regardless if it’s just a drizzle or a storm.

      • I stay home from work and enjoy it, really. Usually we know this weather is coming, so I work overtime in the days ahead so that when I can get back out I’m not behind in my work. It’s rarely been more than two days at a time, but once it was three. Not too many.

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