The Tunnel – a poem

The place where we usually hang-out.
It’s you and me just chilling out.
The times where we have nothing to worry about.

Then Friday came, you lost the spark.
That moment arrived, my world seemed dark.
And now we’re hiding, from the past that’s stark.

How I wish I could, ’cause I know I should.
While I brood, I chop a wood.
One for my mood, another for my food.

23 thoughts on “The Tunnel – a poem

    • I don’t know how but I was really writing a flash fiction when it turned into a poem after editing. I’m sorry for the guy, I made him bitter. They’re actually bestfriends at first then turned into lovers in the revision. Heading back to your blog again. Thanks for reading.

  1. “How I wish I could, ’cause I know I should.”

    i’m wondering what he’s thinking here. my guess is either calling that person, trying to talk to them, or maybe apologize. i like that it’s not entirely spelled out and there’s something to still think about.

  2. Your poem actually rhymed! I can never do that. I liked it, it had good flow and told a little story of a man who’s love lost her spark. Maybe if he chops enough wood, he’ll work it out.

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