Heinz dilemma

Hello readers and fellow Friday Fictioneers!

For now, this is my and probably my last entry for the Friday Fictioneers’ 100-words challenge. Because this coming Sunday, I’m flying back to the South for an immersion experience with some indigenous community. It’s a part of our training before we enter the convent and formally start our Novitiate formation. I’ll tell all about it on my next post.

The photo prompt courtesy of Madison Woods. If you’re interested to read other stories like this, click here. If you’re not yet a Friday Fictioneer, I encourage you to be one and write your 100-flash fiction every Friday.

Below is my Flash Fiction this week. Enjoy!


Where’s the drug? Where’s the medicine?! It’s too dark.

Good grief, there it is!

This radium is horribly overpriced. Ten times its production cost!

Oh that wretched druggist! I gave him other options this morning. I wouldn’t be here now if he just let me pay even half. I wouldn’t be stealing this if he just…

But I won’t let my wife suffer from her sickness any longer. This is for her!

I’ve never done this before. I think this won’t be considered as stealing.

I’ll just leave this $1000 in this spot.

Now what? Where should I hide later?


The Heinz dilemma inspired me to write this story. You can read it here (wiki article).

Does the end justify the means?

27 thoughts on “Heinz dilemma

  1. looking forward to your return. end justifying the means? case by case situation. thanks for your story. i know nothing of that heinz dilemma, so i’ll have to look it up.

    • Hmmm… I got the plot from Heinz dilemma. You can check out the wiki-link that I included below. I intentionally thought of hinting it’s about illegal drugs but it isn’t really. If you check out the link about Heinz dilemma, you’ll know. 🙂

      I left a comment in your story about bats. I enjoyed it. Thanks for visiting. Cheers!

      • Ohhhh. I get it now! I wish it was more obvious what had happened! That was far gone from what it appeared. I get wanting to disguise the drug as something less innocent, but if that story was your intention, you probably could’ve clarified it.

        And the moral dilemma! My mind wants to say yes, but… I doubt it’s the real answer, yet to save his wife’s life… it really should be. Letting her die is the greater evil, isn’t it?

        • Oh it depends. This is a trivial circumstance that we hope that won’t happen to us. Of course letting her die without doing anything is really something. I won’t say that what he did is a lesser misconduct. As for me, I’m good with what Heinz did. It’s justifiable. He’s fighting for his wife’s life and he even left a money for the drug he has stolen. If I’m in his situation, I just don’t know what to do. It’s a great dilemma for anyone to be in.

          Anyway, I’ll change the wordings now. Try to read again. Hehe!

            • Ah okay. I get it now. The narration here happens when Heinz is in the druggist’s shop. The 100-words is limiting me. I’ll see what I can do to clarify that. Thanks for bringing it up. Chill. 🙂

  2. Did you say you are going into a convent? To be a nun? If so, how interesting. and rare these days. I admire your dedication. Knowing nothing about the Heinz Dilemma .. will google it. I constantly learn new things from these postings. Hope to read more of your work when you return. Stay safe. Here’s mine (if you have time)

    • Hello Lora,

      No, not a nun but their counterpart since I’m a male. Haha! I’m aspiring to be a religious brother that’s why I’m heading to the convent. I’m a rare breed really. I prefer the consecrated life over the corporate world. Anyway, I’ll be gone for a long time so it would be better if I’ll tell my experiences here in my blog so people would know how it is to live inside the convent.

      Thanks for the visit! Heading to yours now.

  3. Excellent! An intriguing story, and a real look into the nervous mind of a character unsure with his moral decision. I absolutely approve of you turning the Heinz dilemma into an actual story (even though I only heard of it today). Good job!

  4. I like the thought you put into this. The choice is not one I would contemplate for a minute. Conservation of life is more important than any other directive. As far as the what if someone else needed it. Survival of the fittest and the ones we protect.
    Btw a suggestion? Change won’t to wouldn’t (the first 2 ) i.e. I wouldn’t be here now …. I wouldn’t be stealing this….

    • Thanks. Heinz dilemma is just one of the many brutal facts that are happening around the world. It amazes me how a people of people view the dilemma differently.

      So you saw a weak spot in my use of English. Now, I stand corrected. Thanks for the suggestion. I changed it now. Cheers!

      • You speak more languages than I. Plus I fail to understand the use of punctuation in the single language I do speak so please do not think for a moment I am not impressed by the talent to converse in multiple languages.it
        I live with a spanish speaking individual and an unable to learn even rudimentary skill in speaking much less writing

        • That’s fine. Don’t mind the mistakes for as long as you are understood. Languages are for communicating and reaching out to people. For me, I’m already contented with the skill of understanding different languages since I can only speak one language fluently. Anyway, my father knows Spanish and my mother tongue, Tagalog, is heavily influenced by Spanish with expressions such as kamusta (from como esta), which means how are you or a simple hello.

          Again, thanks for visiting and have a great weekend.

  5. Aw, I’m sorry I didn’t get here before you left for your training. Your story was great, brings up an ethical dilemma. Many like to condemn, but I think no one is able to say exactly how they would react themselves until they’ve faced the same situations. It’s possible for me to say something is ‘wrong’ but I think not possible to say ‘I’d never do that’ until the choice is faced.

    Have a good journey. I’ll be looking forward to your story of that.

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