I’ll be gone for two years


This blog will be sleeping like this cat.

Later this morning, I’ll be flying back to South Cotabato for our immersion in an indigenous community. After that, we’ll be joining the novices in the convent and be novices ourselves to formally start the formation year. It means that I’ll have my Habit taking rites with my batch mates, making us Novices. After the ceremony (or even before that), all our needs and expenses will be shouldered by the Marist Brothers.

But there’s a big sacrifice that I need to take. I’ll be away from my family for two years, and we’re forbidden to use cellphones and access the internet for two years (it’s a case-to-case basis if we really need to use these two). I have thought about it seriously for almost two years now so I think I’m already good with the sacrifice that I have to take.

Just to clarify, I’m not pursuing priesthood. Being a religious brother and being a priest are two different vocations in the church.

Just to give a brief background, the Marist Brothers are founded by a saint from France, St. Marcellin Champagnat, with the intention of spreading “the good news” through teaching.

Our roles are almost akin to the sisters or nuns. We but different and unique in our ways. We teach and we run the schools dedicated in teaching catechism especially to the poor and neglected.

With my decision to continue my vocation, you can now call me Br. Allen.

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