Nothing to write much about for the 2nd Internet Day

  • The 441st founding anniversary of Manila coincides with the celebration of the birth of St. John the Baptist.
  • Our dogs are joyful, my stomach is bad – An Ode to Our Cooking Assignment
  • A lot of people are mistakenly thinking that I was training to become a pastor, priest, or even a monk. Of course, I tell that I’m going to become a brother.
  • Before, I have a lot of questions about religious life. Now, I’m slowly getting the answer through direct experience
  • Mokong, The Scented Dog a.k.a. The Useless Dog – a title to the old dog named Mokong
  • Since April, I’m now wearing corrective spectacles for my poor eyesight.
  • It’s two years of contemplative life here in the Novitiate. Two years of self-examen and discernment for my true vocation.


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