Top 10 Things I Can do Longer Than Internet Surfing

This is what I love to do in my free time. Every last Sunday of the month, I am free to surf the net for one hour. But what do I do with an hour to spare? Here, I’m just making the most out of this reconnecting with my online ties even to the point of resisting my urge to use social media sites. Before I went here, I can sit all day in front of the computer and just kill the time. No wonder why I’m wearing prescriptive eyeglasses since April. Since I’m inside a semi-cloister, I’ll give more things I could do that is longer than surfing the internet for one hour.

  1. More time playing the guitar. I’m in-charge of the computer but if it’s offline, then it’s only good for playing music or typing documents for printing.
  2. More time cutting papers. We have a paper-cutter that I can use for practicing… well… cutting papers.
  3. More time watching a movie. Every last Saturday of the month, we have a community movie watching. We’re not really deprived of the outside world.
  4. More time playing basketball. That means for rim touching for me. Too bad I can’t dunk yet. But Spud Webb or Nate Robinson can dunk and we have the same height. Well, I’m not an athlete.
  5. More time reading books. This is what I like the most here. I can sleep in the library if I want to but that’s not allowed here.
  6. More time to chat in the telephone. I can call our house if I want to ’cause we’re allowed to. But I haven’t done chatting more than 15 minutes since I went here.
  7. More time to sweep the falling leaves from the trees. Because we’re surrounded by trees.
  8. More time to write in the journal. Because we’re asked to give reflection papers. I would not let anyone read my personal journal by the way.
  9. More time to watch television. Especially if it’s NBA Finals.
  10. More time to wash the dogs. Because I’m the Dog master here.

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