Update for September 2012

Another scheduled post for me now and it’s for September 2012. That means I’m (counts from May 2012) five months offline now. If I’m manifesting some withdrawal symptoms now, I don’t know. Possibly. Probably.

I have a question for you people out there. Can you live without the internet for five months?

3 thoughts on “Update for September 2012

  1. Hi Allen, I’m prepared to live without it in the future if for some reason I don’t have it, but whew. It would be very hard and my withdrawals would strike me within the first few hours of inaccessibility, ha. I think if I were without (completely) after about a week I’d be in a new routine and okay without it. Not sure this is something I could accomplish by choice, though, but can deal with if the situation makes internet impossible to get. I’ll admit it. I am an internet junkie.

  2. good question, allen. it probably depends on what you are doing. if your work requires it, then you’re positively screwed. if not, great! i wish we all could afford some time off from the net. 🙂

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