My first post this 2013

Hello my friends. If you’re reading this, thank you very much. I’m sorry if I couldn’t visit your blogs due to some limited internet connection here wherever I am now.

This is my first post of the year. I think posting once a month is too much for me especially now that I am offline most of the time. If I am online, that means I’m connected for an hour only. It’s better to have that one-hour/month internet than to have none. Without tags and anything else, just pure free-writing in this blog plus Facebook plus reading blogs in this one hour internet. I don’t miss writing since I write almost everyday here and we’re even encouraged to keep on writing in our journal everyday. What’s funny with this what we call as the internet day is that I use Facebook like I’m just writing a letter with a snail mail. Because most of the time that I’m online (which is once a month with only an hour), my friends will respond a day after and I will end up reading the reply after a month. And I will continue this up until May 2014 unless I decided to go home and leave the formation. So please pray for my vocation discernment.

Hopefully next month, I’ll be able to know who’s the next pope would be. And about my bet for the next pope, I hope the college of cardinals would vote for of course… ehem… Cardinal Tagle from the Philippines. If not him, then my next bet would be the Cardinals from South America or Africa. Now I ask the readers, Catholics or non-Catholics: Who is your bet for the next pope?

3 thoughts on “My first post this 2013

  1. hello, Allen… ahihi, Allen po, pagpasensyahan ang tumatanda na. hope you are well, kapatid. sana ay matatag ka sa iyong bokasyon at ma-discern mo ang iyong hinahanap. warm regards… 🙂 ~ate san

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