Thoughts on keeping a Journal

Hello everyone, this is Allen and I’m back with my second post of the year. Wow! I don’t know why but I cannot use WordPress properly here in our desktop computer. Anyway, that doesn’t stop me from blogging. There’s a Post-By-Email! Though I’m offline for more than a year now, I’m still struggling to continue my writing by means of journal writing. Actually, we are encouraged in the novitiate to write a lot that we even have some seminars about Creative Journal Keeping and Intensive Journal Writing.

I remembered one time that I asked the nun facilitating the seminar on journal writing. I asked her how would I keep on writing constantly. She told me that she can only give tips and tricks but it’s me whose able to keep on writing on my journal. So it means keeping a journal depends on myself whether I’ll keep on writing constantly or not.

I won’t stay longer here now since it’s 12:05 in the morning, it’s a Sunday and I need to attend the morning mass later. See you later and please hit the comments if you feel like sharing how your journal keeping experience too.

Question: How are you able to keep on writing in your journal?

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