Born to be a storyteller

I read somewhere in a local quarterly issued magazine which says that one of the most important assets educators have is the ability to tell stories. It’s what teachers have in order to connect with their students. In my journey as a future educator, I might have this particular asset. I think I’m born to be a storyteller.

I still remember that as a child, I made up my own stories with Rina as my first character. That’s when I am telling my story out loud in front of my imaginary friends as my audience on the side of the street. Like the time when my playmates laughed at me when I tried to sing “Bowowow“, a newly invented tune from a new song I composed about a barking dog. Even in composing songs, I realized that I cannot compose a song without telling a story. With my experiences as a child, maybe I’m not just too ashamed of being labeled as mediocre in my pursuit of becoming a great storyteller. Even chess grand masters started out as noobs, ‘no?

I don’t have to wait for great stories until I set out on this journey of becoming a storyteller. Retell stories, make my own, whatever it takes, just do it. I’ll just pretend to be a good one until my good become better, and until my better becomes best.

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