The effect of seating in the back row

While observing a high school class, I noticed students sitting in the back row looking somewhere else, some staring outside, some with heads bowed down, as if they were wishing that they were at home or in the mall. They’re not focusing in the class and they are probably spending more time daydreaming and not participating in their recitation. I’m now saying that daydreaming is not good but if this occurs more often, then it’s not helping their studies.

They remind me of my younger self in high school. With an above average height and with a surname near the end of the alphabet, teachers always arrange my seat either beside the wall or beside the window, always in the back row, sometimes near the trash can.

I heard from one of my college professors before that those students who usually seat in the back row are more likely to suffer from inferiority complex. I hope teachers will be aware of what’s happening in the minds of those seating in the back row and I hope they’ll consider to shuffle the seating arrangements more often.

To the readers, did you share the same fate of seating in the back row? Did you enjoy it?

4 thoughts on “The effect of seating in the back row

  1. I was lucky that in college, I was always seated in the middle and center of the room because of my surname. I wasn’t that lucky in high school tho’, back when we were arranged by height because I was always seated at the back. I agree that teachers should regularly shuffle the seating arrangement. 😉

  2. How about before high school? 🙂 I remember there was a cool professor in college whom I mentioned about the inferiority complex thing. Knowing well our demise, since his surname also starts near the end of the alphabet, he reversed the alphabet and made us seat in front. 🙂

  3. hello, brother allen… in high school, our seating arrangement was, the highest scorer at exams get to sit at the back and the low scorers at front (so they ‘ll hear more clearly and learn better). thing was, my friends and i would be put in the back, then, we’d be noisy and not listening, haha. then, the next exam, we would do badly and be put in front, haha. it was a vicious cycle that we enjoyed – we knew we could study and have the honor of being at the back. at the same time, we also knew, the back was where our horns grew to unusual length, hihihi. 😉 warm regards…

    • That’s the first time I heard (or read) about a seating arrangement cycle. I think that’s an interesting idea for teachers to do. Of course, like in your experience, there’s always a downside. The good intention of the teacher was there but it goes to waste and worse for the high scorers if they are not cooperating. I think this is where the competent teachers show their skills in disciplining the inconsistent and misbehaving students.

      For me, the back seats honed my daydreaming and slacking skills. I don’t know if that’s good or bad for me. How about you, did you daydream there at the back as well? 🙂

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