Let’s talk about sex

Talking about human sexuality usually interests most of us (if not all); but when we do talk about it, we usually struggle. Looking back, I realized that I learned a lot about sexuality when I entered religious life. Thanks to Br. Sean Sammon for writing about chastity and sexuality, I really learned a lot from him. I learned from him that being sexual is not just about genital sex.

I must admit that being a novice under religious formation, I think the part of celibacy is one of the hardest choice to make.

“Am I sure of living a celibate life and not marry?”

[Author’s Note: I admit that this is one of the most uncomfortable post that I ever wrote about. Since I’d rather not talk about it in person, I resorted into writing (or blogging). This daring post is to start a healthy conversation about human sexuality. And if someone out there resonates with my dilemma, please feel free to reach out and comment.]

2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about sex

  1. I’m not in a similar position, but sex interests me beyond the mere act of exchanging body fluids. However, I still believe that it’s a choice to or not to engage.

    Also, I think we, as a society, must be open enough to talk about it with our family or friends, especially parents who have adolescent kids. I think its time ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hello Carol. Yes, it’s time to start talking about it in the school, in the church, and most specially in our dining tables. It should start in our homes no matter how conservative or liberated your family is. Disagreeing with perspectives is okay for as long as the conversation keeps on going constantly. Thanks for dropping by. ๐Ÿ™‚

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