On Forgiveness

“It’s the love that God sees and not the action itself,” I told my group mates in our faith sharing. The session is like what we did last year in one of the vocation jamborees in Mindanao. But thankfully, we were not hurried this time and the smaller groups, with 5 to 6 members, is really enough for us to keep the conversation lively as compared with a larger group population.

“To forgive someone is to remember the hurt and not forget them,” I again shared after a groupmate asked me about forgiveness. I then followed that I (1st person emphasis) can say that I have already forgiven if I remember the events but the negative feelings already died down. I’m a bit surprised with my thoughts. Is this really the way I’m going to witness my faith in Christ? Maybe yes. If only I could eliminate the WYD’s theme in my mind. I’m actually lacking a good night sleep throughout this week because of the stress I’m feeling about giving a talk on writing. Lack of exercise has contributed to this but with our overnight activity in NDMU, maybe I need to drink more Chamomile tea.

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