The writing talk

Write until I make sense
I want to keep this blog going for as long as I have the opportunity to do it. If not for the poor specs of the desktop I’m using, I would have put pictures in my every post. No wonder I don’t have pictures in my posts. It’s hard to navigate using an outdated desktop. Most of my entries are posted via e-mail. I’m done with explaining why my entries are like this. No more excuses. Just produce more content. The quality will follow if I produce more quantity. Like what the writer said on the Discovery Magazine in a Shaolin Monks inspired article, one kick practiced in 10,000 days is scarier than 10,000 kicks practiced in a day. Something like that.
Write like I talk
I know a lot of words but I don’t use them in my daily conversation since of course, I’m currently living in a Cebuano dominated place and I don’t speak Cebuano! Thankfully, I can practice my English more often every time I come home and have our dinner. I think there are not that many families who eat together in the same time and in the same dining table. Maybe they do it during dine outs. Not much often. Well, going back, I like to write the way I talk. That’s the writing talk. Even though I can say something in a sentence, I still write like I’m talking because those are the thoughts that came to my mind. No censoring. That’s the problem with not editing properly. But I’m more confident now that I lived with a multicultural place for more than a year, with English as our language. That means I’m now thinking in English and not code switching from Filipino to English. I’m sorry if I let my mind speak loudly.

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