A weird dream

I had a dream.

Here, I can see myself lying in the center of my bed, that is divided into an elevated part in the left side and a depressed part in the right side. Suddenly, I got transported in a place where a band is playing and I wanted join and perform with them.

But when a person suddenly took the acoustic guitar in a table, I was roused and found myself still in my room. I am in the left side of my bed so I felt that I’m elevated.

I closed my eyes and went back straight to my dream; this time, the music is still playing but the musical instruments disappeared and the band members and I got transferred to another dreamscape: a Notre Dame school.

I wonder why we call them a “band” when they’re actually called a “combo”.

Maybe because it sounds better like some people want to call their comics as graphic novels when there’s really no difference between the two terms.

It just sounds better.

I’m still trying to write this while I’m groggy.

Maybe it’s time to go back to sleep.


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