An Open Letter to Nur Misuari

Dear Sir Nur Misuari,

I know you are a good leader with real concern for your fellow Moros and your potentially rich land. I know you started the rebel group because of a stupid leader we had in the past who started Martial Law. I believe that if not for him, you wouldn’t be doing this events now.

But with the siege in Zamboanga, I’m starting to think the other way around. For the past weeks, I cannot help but to think that there’s a megalomaniac leading a rebellion and wanted to separate from the country. That megalomaniac blew his chance to uplift his people when he lived lavishly as a governor, using 10M pesos in travel expenses alone. Isn’t that you? Can you see yourself in the mirror? You’re a good leader, right? Why are you doing this?

Recently, I learned that in the 1970s, Jolo had a great tragedy when 20,000 people died from fire. Up until now, we don’t know who’s responsible of that unfortunate event. According to the rebels, it’s the government who started it and the government says that it’s the rebels who did it. I think this blaming game is also happening right now. Regardless of who started this events, it’s the powerless people that suffers. Power, like fire, can be used for a man to cook or it can cook a man.

So now, what’s next? Are you going to keep on fighting when the innocent people are suffering as a consequence? I know you can do better than this.

2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Nur Misuari

  1. I read some articles here in the US that he is being funded by China.

    My parents say Nur Misuari is corrupt and is doing this to extort m0ney from the Philippine government by creating trouble.

    • He was assigned as a governor of the ARMM and was reported to have spent 10M just for the travel expenses, going to expensive hotels. Did anything happen when he was a governor? I think he blew his chance.

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