My life as a Brother

TAMONTAKA, MAGUINDANAO, May 24, 2014—Last night, I had a problem where to put my journals. With only three bags for my luggage, I thought of a solution: give away some of my clothes and valuables for more space. Today, I am moving back to Marikina not for a home vacation but for the next stage of my religious formation. It seems surreal. Two years here in the novitiate felt like a very long time yet it seems like it was just a month ago when I first stepped on this monastery-like place. As a novice, I was formed to become a consecrated person. Now, I will start my new ministry of being a student Brother. Yes, that’s right, you may now call me Brother Allen.

Chastity, poverty, and obedience –these are the vows I publicly professed just to follow the footsteps of our brother Jesus Christ. I don’t really have much much to write about now. About my journal, I’ll try to buy the small and light ones since I have an old blog to continue. I will try to write my life as a Brother in my blog.

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