What will I miss if I did not blog

It seems that I haven’t been posting lately in this blog when I’m always online, huh? Slow internet? Yes. So what I’m gonna do next is not to load up WordPress but just use my e-mail and post by e-mail.

I said to my accompaniteur that I am writing frequently in my journal in a form of a blog. Honestly? No. It should have been visible here. This is a “sigh” post, a guilt or a compulsion to post something just to develop the habit of blogging (or writing?).

It’s not anxiety about being offline. I almost (not totally) lived without internet for more than two years.

Blogging here is a way of looking back at my life journey. That’s why I miss blogging because I’m gonna miss a lot of uncaptured moments not posted here. Anyone are welcome to read my thoughts. Anyway, it’s just English thoughts and I’m not a native speaker anyway. Yeah, that’s right. My actual “inner voice” is not just English. I’m Tagalog.

Bottom line here is that I just want to get back the blogging habit starting with this post.

Sample scenario that I could have miss: I could have met the Pope personally (who is in South Korea right now) this Feast of Assumption (a big feast for us Marist).

Slow internet? No problem. Post-by-email. End of story.

Have a blessed weekend everyone.

10 thoughts on “What will I miss if I did not blog

  1. it’s my first time here and you are the 3rd blogger who mentioned about coming back from blog hiatus. Anyway, it’s good that you find way to write or blog, I think I need to try that as well just in case.

    I may not be active compare to other bloggers or probably i will stop blogging in the future but definitely, blogging changes the way I see cyberspace.

    Mabuhay and keep it up!

    • Hello hoshi.

      Last 2012, I was away for more than a year with scheduled posts every month. Now, I’m just back to my normal schedule like my first year in blogging: posting if I felt like it. I remember visiting your blog before when I was a rookie blogger.

      Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

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