What are the three important songs in your life?

Warning: This post is an eyesore but I’m posting it anyway.

Write about the three important songs in my life? I cannot choose. There’s just a lot of them. Maybe at the moment, I have these three important songs that I associate meaning with. What are those? Hmm.. Right now, I am hooked to Audrey Assad songs and what song from her that makes me ticking is Good to Me. That’s one. I’ll go back later to that. What’s the second? Hm…. (Long pause). All of me by John Legend? That’s not too significant to me at this time. There’s one song that does not apply to me yet I can’t get out of my mind for straight three years… It’s Indak by Up Dharma Down. It’s a story of love with three characters in the song. It tells a story of one person torn into two lovers. The melody is too good for me that I cannot relate to it yet the music is too catchy for me. Sorry. I’m uninterrupted. I cannot just be writing here without being uninterrupted. I am the computer room in-charge (person). Duh… Quality of writing is lagging. Lagging? Whatever. I think the songs that keeps me ticking are the ones who are recent. (conscious that I chose the word “who”). It’s as if the songs are persons themselves that I interact and establish relationship with… What else? Hmmm… I’m not too fluid with writing but I’ll try anyway. Quality is produced by quantity said Bradbury but you need to produce first quantity. I choose two. Maybe I’ll choose one song that reminds me of the past. 90s song. Hmmm. OPM? Not necessarily. I cannot remember any song. Why? Am I distracted? Okay, choose a religious song. There’s a song that I composed. Actually there’s three already. Maybe I can choose them though I haven’t recorded them yet. I can still remember the melody and the arrangement I made. I’m not really good but all I made stuck here in my mind (and heart). 6 minutes more. First is a song about a dog. When I sang it, my playmates just laughed at me. So maybe that made me thick-skinned when it comes to failure. Lesson: don’t be afraid to fail. That song is a total failure that it deserves to be a novelty song. (that last sentence doesn’t sound right but I type/write it anyway since this is free-writing). Next song I composed is about prayer. I posted it in Multiply. Too bad I cannot retrieve it. I had it also in Friendster. I wrote this lyrics: “when problems have cornered you and leaves you no escape, all you have to do is pray.” Cheesy? Next, third song. It’s about finding God. I wrote lyrics that goes, “I am not finding you yet I long for you. I haven’t seen you yet I know You are there. This life that I did not choose… When I met you, my life has changed.” Do I need to edit what’s in here? I tried this kind of free-writing habit for 10 days (or is it 20) that I stopped after reaching the 10,000 words quota. I think (I suck with this), I have done enough here. But I still have one more minute to write. I was interrupted. Maybe I can keep on going and add five more minutes? Hmm… INTP mind on the work. Sherlock, Jung, Hawking, Sagan, Teilhard de Chardin, who else? I mean those with INTP temperament. Sociologists doesn’t like this test and I understand why they don’t like this. They are more of a Big Five Personality Test fans. Okay, I’m done.

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