Losing a Found Treasure (Final Part)

I thought losing a found treasure is hard. But for me, I lost it effortlessly.

I retired playing competitive chess when I graduated in high school. In truth, it was not a conscious decision. Funny things happened when I was a freshman in college. Before I entered college, I was trying out in different chess varsity teams. My coach offered me a not really known college telling me that I’m guaranteed to receive full scholarship there. I turned it down because I don’t like the school. I heard they specialize in nursing but I am never interested in that field. So that’s why I was the one looking for a school to give me an athletic scholarship. Colleges also accommodate mental athletes like me, right?

Almost a scholar

One school, which I will not name, asked me to go to their chess room and they’ll set their dates for practice.I borrowed my mother’s phone so I can communicate. I only met them once since the second date they mentioned, I went there and nobody’s there. So I did not pursue that anymore. I enrolled to a nearby school without any scholarship. Actually, I almost got a scholarship due to my grades. Too bad I was not too interested in my Grade 9 and it showed in the report card. During the first week of school, I went to look for the school’s varsity team. The school’s coach is a close friend of my coach in high school. I went there and I found them practicing. I approached the coaches and introduced myself as a player of their friend. Just by seeing me, they already asked me to see me play with one of their players. Oh no, my last practice was five months ago. But I was willing to play so I sat and played chess. I played well that I was already winning but my opponent’s too clever he forced to tie the game (a draw). No one won. That was enough to impress the coaches and invite me next time to play again.

My friend got a dengue

A freshie still adjusting, I had a hard time balancing the practice schedule and my duty as a full-time student. I did not actually decided it but I just don’t feel like going to the practices. I remember it was a Wednesday when I visited a friend recuperating from dengue. I told him I have a varsity practice but I’m still visiting him. So when he asked me, “I thought you have a practice?” that was it. I’m not attending practices anymore.

Some treasures are lost effortlessly and that’s how I did it.

Writing Prompt:  Writing 101 — Third Time’s the Charm (Assignment Sixteen)

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