You are not supposed to read this post about reading books

I tried to update my Goodreads profile. There, I have time to update what books I’ve read and add what I’m currently reading in my book shelf. Actually, There’s a lot of books in my to-read list that I won’t or I am not yet reading. There’s just some books that can easily hook me and let me finish it within days or even a week regardless how long are they. I’m thinking of books written by Murakami, Gaiman, Orwell, Gladwell.

I cannot remember now authors aside from them that keeps me reading. There’s a collection of essays called Young Blood in our local newspaper Inquirer. It features teenagers and twenty-somethings to let their essays be published in the editorial section. Whenever I read these pieces, I can’t help but be inspired to write my story as well. But instead of writing a single essay, I have this blog, Allen Jambalaya, to keep me journaling my vocation as a consecrated brother.

As a Marist Brother, I need to keep on reading since our charism is to teach young children about catechism. That means Church documents, catechetical books, Scriptures, and other spiritual books like Fr. James Martin’s book. Aside from the religious and spiritual books, I can read books on education and psychology. As I am writing (or typing) the words religious and spiritual, I can’t help but wonder how come these two are separated.

Anyway, I’m talking now about books. I mentioned before that I started late in developing this habit of reading. For a beginner, I tried to read what our English teacher required us in Grade 10. In my time, that’s senior year before graduating in high school. With the new curriculum coming up, the K+12 will make high school graduates older by two years when they finish secondary school when they are 18 years old. Doesn’t it guarantee them to finish wiser and well-equipped to work even without going to college? I don’t know.

Where was I now? Books. Okay, I can publish the polished draft of this so I just can keep on going cause I gotta going on with Allen Jambalaya here doesn’t know what he’s talking about. That’s third person perspective. In that way, I’m more detached and more put to perspective like the narrators in the books we read in fiction. I don’t feel like finishing the 400 word limit but here it is. Read now.

Writing Prompt: Writing 101: Don’t Stop the Rockin’ (Assignment 19)

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