How I got a heartache

My heart is aching since yesterday.
It’s not that painful; it’s annoying.
It’s not that often; it’s irregular.
I just noticed I’m on motion when I feel these pangs.
I feel like it’s a spasm of the heart.

For the record, we are on a vacation.
In the past few days,
I can’t recall any stressful events.
I’m in good condition;
even women can’t break my heart now. Hehehe!

Why? I’m just here in our house.
It’s a stay-cation to be precise.
Why am I feeling this way?

Last October 3, 7 scholastics graduated and left.
Recently, 14 brothers left the community.
Some for retreat, others for an outing in Puerto Gallera.

Including myself,
there’s only 11 brothers left here.
I don’t think fellow brothers spending time with the Lord
or confreres having fun doesn’t bother me.

Last Sunday,
I visited the wake of my friend’s mother.
It’s the second wake I attended in five months.

the first one happens to be the mother of a friend as well.
Does it make me stressed?
Not really.
I met some good friends I haven’t met for three years out there.

For my exercise,
I shoot hoops every afternoon for nearly 30 minutes.
I played an official basketball game last Friday.
I scored 5 points in less than 10 minutes of playtime.
Does lack of exercise make me stressed?

Last Saturday, I visited my house.
It’s just less than 500 meters away from MAPAC.
My sister was celebrating her birthday.
I drank two bottles of San Mig Light.
Does drinking beer and singing karaoke make me stressed?
Not really.

For straight two days,
I got to wake up early in the morning,
5:30 a.m. to be exact, to attend the mass in a nearby parish.
That leaves me with less than 7 hours of sleep.
Does lack of sleep make me stressed?

Everyday, I take Centrum multivitamins.
Usually, the doctor prescribes it for people with vitamin deficiency.
Does that make me stressed?

When our studies finished last October 2,
I spend most of my time surfing the internet,
sometimes playing NBA 2K14 in PC.
Does sedentary lifestyle make me stressed?
Or course it does.

Our cooks serve good food.
But usually, they are oily and fatty;
very typical of Filipino foods.
Does diet contribute to stress?
Of course it does.

Well, I think I know what’s causing my problem now.
That’s why I skipped my lunch,
served myself a porridge and drank a tea.

I’m too young to die.
Still got lots of time to serve.
Gotta take care of myself before sickness does.


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