Please take care of your eyes guys!

Every year, I usually go to an eye clinic to have my eyes checked. To my surprise, something semi-unexpected happened:

The bad news

Yesterday, I went to the optometrist to have a new pair of eyeglasses. During the measuring of my eye’s Instead of going home with new eyes, I was told that my right eye have a “juvenile cataract”. What?? Juvenile? I’m not a kid anymore! Cataract? It’s totally unexpected! Since the specialist knows I’m a brother and we’re poor, she referred me to our government’s eye center. Unfortunately, I learned that they are closed and probably the employees are enjoying their holidays until next week.

So I have some days to make sense of this shock. Is it genetic or just because I just spent too much time outdoors with black eyes unprotected from the sun rays? I dunno. But to think of it, it’s not really shocking.

I remember six years ago, an ophthalmologist scolded me for not wearing eyeglasses. I already forgot what he told me that time but the tone of his voice was serious when he was giving me a prescription paper. That was odd since I was enrolling in the university that time when someone wearing a white coat with an apparatus was inside the room, offering free eye check-up. But thanks to him (is he a doctor?), I got warned.

The good news

  1. Going to the clinic, my brother-in-law saw me and I hitched a ride.
  2. I got a pair of nosebridge for free.
  3. I’m still playing basketball, enjoying my time before my right eye gets operated.

And since I question everything, I would like to ask: do I need a second opinion? 

I still can’t believe it but I have to heed the advice since I love my sense of sight. Though I’m still young but not a juvenile anymore! Sorry, just making things light by adding some humor if you can qualify that as funny.

Take care of your eyes, guys. Advanced happy new year!

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