How it is to experience a hailstorm for the first time?

Today, I experienced two first times. While preparing for the class inside my living room, I noticed that it was raining hard. It was four o’clock in the afternoon when I was about to leave our fraternity (house) when I saw ice dropping from the sky. I thought it was just a heavy rain; it is a hailstorm! I was wearing my barong and about to go to school to teach but I waited, closed the windows in the kitchen, sala, dining area, and watched from inside the ice dropping to the ground. The sizes of the ices are about 1.5-2 centimeters. Since it’s just 15 minutes away from starting our class, I rushed out with an umbrella even though I might get wet or get hit by some ice (The house is just 200 meters away from the school). Thankfully, I’m just wet down from my shoes up to my belly. I told some teachers my experiences when I arrived in the faculty. That’s the first one.

I went to the classroom and the stairway, hallway, and the classroom floors are wet. By chance, the chairs and the green board aren’t that too wet so we can still start our class. Halfway the class, the principal entered our room to announce that they will suspend the classes at 5:00 PM and brought into attention some students who kicked the back door of the classroom while they were transferring rooms from the grade school building to the high school building (where our rooms were when we have our math classes). I didn’t notice the kicking since most of the students arrived ahead of me in class. Thankfully, our principal was there observing them enter their classrooms. Ecstatic on the announcement, I got their attention and just told them that they know who did the kicking, no need to point fingers or blame someone else, and just be more mindful next time. No need for me to reprimand them since they’re reprimanded earlier. I gave a five minute lecture and let them answer a seat work for 10 minutes. Again, in the middle of the activity, I saw my former teacher in Grade One standing outside the room. I don’t know how to describe that feeling when you realize your teaching the daughter of your former teacher. That’s the second one.

And that’s how I experienced two first times in a day.

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