The waiting game

It has been a long and tiring travel to Sri Lanka. Yesterday, we missed the plane. This was the sequence: the flight was delayed, we got a bit lax in the coffee shop waiting for the announcement, the plane crew announced our names (according to them) but we never heard it (funny that we can hear the call of other airlines and they were even looking for the passengers in the restaurants), the plane crew did not search for us, we got offloaded, was told our tickets were cancelled, plane officer in the check in did not even bother to help our misfortune, and was helped by Singapore Airlines by letting us check available flights even to other carriers (just giving credit to their kindness). Now, it has been a day and we are still in Kuala Lumpur. My stomach is aching, I’m sitting near the boarding gate, our connecting flight is delayed, and we’re about to lose some sleep since our conference is in the early morning. These past two days has been very unfortunate to us but my head is still up. I won’t let my blood pressure up just because some incompetent crew did their job poorly (paraphrasing Anthony de Mello). Maybe the complaint report will come later next week after the conference. Still not naming the airline. Not gonna join the mob mentality that people do in social media. Peace to all. Cheers!

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