Is it just I uncomfortable with silence?

If we were having coffee in a weekend, I might be drinking a weak and creamy coffee just like Malcolm Gladwell once said in a TED Talk about spaghetti sauce.
I prefer tea over coffee since it doesn’t contain much caffeine and I palpitate when there’s too much caffeine in a coffee.
Coffee or tea, we will sip these drinks slowly so we could drink slowly and talk a lot.
I don’t know what we are going to talk about since we don’t know much about each other so I might say, “Hi! I am Allen. And you are?”
I warm up slow so I might be just listening more than talking.
If I am not going to initiate enough topics for conversation, you better be the ice breaker since we might end up sitting in silence.
It’s always uncomfortable for me sitting together in silence.
Is it only me just trying to fill up silence with words and conversation?
Avoid silence or encounter the person having coffee with me?
This is how I imagine our first coffee weekend where we get to know each other and I’m just here sipping and listening.
My life’s unconventional so you might ask me some questions that you might not understand as I explain my way of life.
So let’s just keep on sipping coffee or tea every weekend and I might open up more next time.

3 thoughts on “Is it just I uncomfortable with silence?

  1. Sabi sa isang book ni Dale Carnegie (though this is not really as is) for great conversations daw, ask questions that interests the other party. Let them talk about things that interests them, then the conversation will go on and on.

    But maybe, let the coffee or tea do the talking.

    • Pa-epek lang itong sinulat ko. Haha. Siguro 10 years ago, hiya-hiya talaga ako tulad nito. I think ganito pa rin ako pero natuto na ako. Uy, may alam pala ako na lesson ni Carnegie kahit hindi ko pa nababasa yung book niya. Laging nakikita ko yung pangalan niya sa book suggestions. Kahapon nung napadaan ako sa Robinson’s sa GenSan, nakita ko yung book ni sa NBS. Though may pera ako, hindi ako gumastos except sa takoyaki na 22 pesos. 😉

      • Hahahaha. Pinilit lang kami ng Prof ko dati na basahin yung How to Win Friends and Influence people na nagamit ko naman bilang ako ay sa hospitality nagwowork haha. Hahaha huwow antipid. Takoyaki

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