Nurturing the seeds of wisdom and knowledge 

[Disclaimer: A free-written journal entry]

It’s only the second week of classes and I am sick already. I don’t have any umbrella so I went straight to the classroom with the polo barong I’m wearing as my raincoat. Result? Flu. 

I am just wondering why is it when I perspire and my body cools down because of the help of the air-conditioned room, I still feel alright and no useless stress in my body? Anyway, just ranting because I teach every class with my high energy and I can’t afford to diminish my zeal with this acquired useless anxieties. Maybe that’s carelessness in my part. 

Speaking of energy, every class I attend to, it feels like my energy gets zapped in a good way. And at times when I look back and review my day, it’s a comfort that I tried to touch the lives of my students in my own way. I can’t say yet if I have touched their lives since I’m just beginning to sow the seeds of learning and wisdom that I am just passing to them. Or to put it in another perspective, nurturing their seeds of wisdom and knowledge. 

I hope and pray that their seeds would become a great harvest in the future. 

And I pray for my fellow teachers, the more experienced and learned than I am, to have a good health and avoid my carelessness in getting a sickness like mine.

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