A Morning Reflection

A student asked me me whether I hate Moslems or not. I did not answer her question directly. Not pausing, I immediately said that encountering one bad Moslem doesn’t mean that all followers of Islam are evil. That’s all I said. 

It’s like a paraphrase of a quote from Gandhi about contaminated water. But when I answered, I was actually recalling the dialogue of the Queen of Fishman Island when she said about humans not being totally evil. Sometimes, I see good values being taught by anime. I think that’s what Lumen Gentium 7 was talking about when it mentioned about the Truth contained on other religions. Something like that. I need to go now, I’m a substitute teacher for my Department Head in Values Education. She’s now confined in the hospital because of her polio. Please do pray for her.

To be a Christian means to have the heart and mind of Jesus.

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