Should I be scared to travel alone?

Dear Lord,

This fast few months, I’ve been preparing myself for my transfer to a new community and ministry. I am in the midst of processing my papers for travelling outside the country. Thus, I would be leaving my first apostolate (after MAPAC) which is teaching here in Notre Dame of Cotabato. I’ve been teaching now for three straight years and I don’t know how what to feel once I stop teaching and start learning a new language and be a student once again.

Though I was briefed what’s about to happen, of course I have my own what ifs and other reservations. Like what I said to a fellow brother, I don’t know what will I do there specifically so I’ll just stick to what I know: live as a brother in common life, pray, and even work while studying the language of that country. I know I will travel alone outside the Philippines but there are brothers anticipating my arrival there in my new community.

I admit there is a part in me that doesn’t want to leave asking, “What’s going to happen to me there?”. The prophet Jonah’s travel to Nineveh comes to mind. But unlike him, I feel no hate towards the people I will encounter. I don’t feel like turning back and take a ship going the opposite direction. It’s just that I don’t feel like going out of the Philippines for a long time. I am anxious but I’ll still go and follow what I am told to.

What I am experiencing now humbles me. To some extent, I can influence what I can do in this future apostolate but of course I don’t have the total control of what will happen to me and my future community. It’s a risk I’m willing to take and I entrust my future to my superiors who decided on this.

It’s a different kind of advent for me.

I don’t know where I am going to but in faith, I surrender.

Let Your will be done, not mine.

And let this be my prayer.


6 thoughts on “Should I be scared to travel alone?

  1. Relate. πŸ˜… I know the feeling of wanting to do things yet so scared to do it…especially the first step. Nakakaba pero may point na nakakaexcite, diba? Nakakakaba yung point na di mo alam, pero nakakaexcite yung mga possibilities. Mahirap iexplain e. πŸ˜‚ Pero, coming from a stranger who somehow understand, do it! Go with it! Let your faith gives you courage…to let you go out of your comfort zone. Trust God! Mahirap sa umpisa, pero soon magulat ka na lang okay ka na, adjusted ka na. Goodluck! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ˜Š Naeexcite ako for you. Hahaha

    • Hello po! Feeling ko ako si Bilbo Baggins na comfortable na sa Hobbit Hole ko. Pero I know it will be a start of a new adventure. I don’t know the country; I don’t know people there. I’m willing to take risks. Naisulat ko lang kasi yun ang nararamdaman ko. Natatakot pero sige lang. πŸ˜…

      Salamat po sa pagdaan at welcome sa mumunting blogspace ko. πŸ€—

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